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Sports Training Centre “University”

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(Urochishche “Bor” Zadonsk District Lipetsk Region)


  • Director – Dudukin Vyacheslav Eduardovich. 
  • Infrastructure:

19 residential buildings, a cafeteria, sports grounds, a summer cinema (a conference hall), a landing stage for boats and water-bicycles on the River Don, a building for maintenance staff and consumer services.

  • Work Objective: to carry out practical training, sports and health-improving work.
  • Tasks:

to organize practical training (in the open air), a training camp for the students of the Sports Faculty, different events for the University students who go in for sports, health-improving work for students and postgraduates, scientific meetings (including the Regional School of Young Scientists, leasure activities for children).

  • Work Time: from May till September.
  •  Sports Centre: sports grounds for playing volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, shot put, a roofed summer house for playing table-tennis, a children’s playground.
  • Sports Equipment: parallel bars, horizontal bars, weights, balls, tennis rackets, water-bicycles, boats, etc.
  • Training Camp:

The students of the Faculty of Sport have annual training sessions at the base. The students of two specialities take part in these training sessions (Physical Education, Personal and Social Safety). The students of the Adaptive Physical Education speciality have been enlisted since 2012.


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  • Practical Training in the Open Air for the Faculty of Design

The students of the Faculty of Design whose specialized fields are “Design” and “Folk Artistic Culture” have their practical training in the open air in summer. It takes place every year since 2004.

The unique nature of the Don area, the richness of vegetable motives and inimitable colours of the landscape are a source of creativity for the students of the Faculty of Design. The programme of practical training includes slice-of-life sketches of vegetable and landscape elements, architectural buildings; sketches of human figures; sketches conveying the state of nature.

The standard accommodation facilities (well-equipped residential buildings, a cafeteria, sports grounds and premises) are a substantial condition providing the successful practical training because the students have to work 8-10 hours every day.

The supervisors of the practical training in the open air are the Head of the Design Department Maltseva V.A. and the Dean of the Faculty of Design Loginova N.P. Some other lecturers, such as Novikova I.V. (2005, 2006), Timofeyeva A.I. (2007), Goltyaeva N.V. (2008), Novikova G.A. (2010, 2011), took part in it too.




  • Description

The Sports Training Centre “University” is very popular not only with the students who have practical training there. In recent years the Centre “University” has become the venue for the Regional School of Young Scientists in the Humanities. Different scientists from Bunin Yelets State University, from Moscow and Lipetsk higher education institutions hold discussions and masterclasses for young scholars, primarily for postgraduates and candidates for degrees. The participants of this School make reports on the subjects of their research before a large audience that can be regarded as a good test in the preparation for the defence of their theses. The result of this work is a collection of scientific articles written by young scholars and their eminent older colleagues.

It has become a tradition to hold summer sessions of the Youth Academy of Legal Knowledge (“Sretenskiye Vstrechy”). They at once turned into a platform for dialogue between the students and the representatives of the Regional Administration (in particular the Ombudsman of Lipetsk Region Zagnoyko N.I.), the Members of the Youth Parliament of Lipetsk, and also some church representatives (the Archpriest of the First Yelets Eparchy, the Dean of the Cathedral of the Ascension Father Vasily (Romanov)).

Besides, traditional football matches are held between the students of Bunin Yelets State University and the juvenile criminals serving their sentences in Usman Penal Colony. Such contacts benefit greatly not only the children from Usman but Yelets students too. It is also a kind of teaching practice for the students.

The Regional Festival “Student Summer – 2010” was also held in the Sports Training Centre in which over 200 students of universities and colleges took part.

In August and September the School of Youth Potential “Start” is held every year. Its main task is to find active students and prepare them for self-management.


  • Development Prospects:

The Sports Training Centre “University” is open from May till September and they plan to organize its work all year round provided that a number of problems of infrastructural kind are solved. There are some plans to increase the sports material resources of the Centre.